Estonian Hiking Union

Estonian Hiking Union is the founder and organiser of the Outdoor Trade Fair. The aim of the Union is to promote hiking in Estonia, bring together the communities of hikers and hiker organisers and sharing hiking-related safety information. We believe that the more people we get moving around in nature, the healthier is the Estonian society as a whole.

The main reason for organising the Outdoor Trade Fair each spring is to bring together the organisers of hikes, journeys and adventures and people who like to be active in nature and to mark the beginning of the active hiking season with an inspirational fair.

Estonian Hiking Union focuses on organising events and sharing information with the purpose of engaging as many people as possible in hiking in its different forms (as a sport, being active in nature, nature and adventure tourism) in a manner that is safe, considerate towards the environment and provides positive emotions for hikers as well as people who like being active in nature.

The Estonian Hiking Union includes 22 hiking-related companies and hiking clubs. We are a member of the Estonian Olympic Committee, the Association for Sport for All and European Hiking Union.