6.04.2019 / 10.00-18.00
Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

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Why participate?

More and more people in Estonia understand the value of high-quality free time. The amount of time and resources invested in spending free time in the great outdoors is increasing. The Outdoor Trade Fair was founded in 2016 and has attracted around 4000 visitors every year.

The Outdoor Trade Fair connects hiking, tour operators and adventure companies with active people seeking new exciting routes, activities and equipment. All the interested parties at the same time in the same place.

For traders it is a fantastic opportunity to present and sell new products, hikes and services, as well as to get feedback from real customers.

For visitor, this fair is a place for inspiration, especially for spring and summer 2018, and also for further ahead. They can talk to specialist traders, book hikes and tours, or find new equipment.

What kind of participants do we expect to take part?

We are able to host up to 40 exhibitors.

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The display area

Other organisational matters

Visitors profile

You will have direct contact with the visitors. In the first two years we have proven that the fair has attracted a precise target group.

The feedback from the first trade fair showed that most of the visitors actually enjoyed outdoor activities or they’re planning to do so. Visitors cover a broad age group (varying from children to experienced hikers), whose common denominator is a rather active lifestyle and earlier hiking and sporting experiences. Usually visitors are spending at least an hour in the fair.

We have made the arrival to the Trade Fair as easy as possible: the place is known to citizens and visitors of Tallinn – it’s the Song Festival Grounds. It’s conveniently and easily accessible, both by car and public transport.

A cafe is opened for guests and we create a separate activity area for children as well.

Performers / Program

The entire time of the fair is furnished  with a thoughtful and rich stage program, where you can watch various performers or activities. The program will be available in March 2018 and covers practical, ethical, emotional and visual aspects of hiking and leisure activities.


Type of rental space Price for members ofEstonian Hiking Union Price for regularExhibitors
Participation fee 100 € 200 €
Rental space on 1st Floor


  • premium spaces near entrance 
25 €/m2


30 €/2

30 €/m2


35 €/m2

Rental space on 2nd Floor


  • Rental space on 3rd Floor
 20 €/m2


upon agreement

25 €/m2


upon agreement

Rental space outdoors 10 €/m2 15 €/m2
  • Prices does not include VAT

Additional information

Anneli Mere
+372 5096953